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Infertility Surgery

85% of infertility cases can be diagnosed by appropriate because of the couple. Once the specific tests and identified the process that alters or impedes the chances of conception, apply the most appropriate treatment.

Each of the causes that alter the reproductive process is a specific treatment is sometimes limited to the prescription of certain drugs, and sometimes perform simple surgical procedures to correct certain anatomical defects.


Diagnostic hysteroscopy, is to look inside the uterus and cervical canal through the introduction of an endoscopic camera 4 to 5 mm and allows direct visualization of possible abnormalities. Is performed in cases of: repeated failure of implantation, cervical pipeline difficulty, diagnosis of congenital mullerian, uterine synechiae and diagnostic confirmation of images obtained by ultrasound or other imaging tests, such as endometrial polyps, intracavitary or submucous myomas. In cases where surgery is indicated, is performed by a surgical hysteroscope 9 mm in diameter or resectoscope, or 4.5-5 mm diagnostic hysteroscope working channel with different distention media in terms of the instruments used.


Infertility surgery is based on highly conservative and restorative. Resected polyps, submucous myomas, synechiae detected in 6.3% of the population infertile. Uterine malformations affect 1% of the general population and only 25% have reproductive difficulties. Arcuate uterus and septate uterus either total or partial, are the most common birth defects do not affect the pregnancy rate but are associated with repeated abortions and adverse pregnancy outcomes and in these cases surgery is indicated. Definitive diagnosis is by laparoscopy and / or hysteroscopy

We must remember that surgery of reproduction is highly conservative and surgical indications are sometimes controversial, so it must be done by professionals accustomed in reproductive surgery.

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